Help me Face-Time

Hi, by any chance has anyone got any split screen facetiming scenes I could use… Thanks in advance.

Muchly appreciated :cherry_blossom::heart:

Hi. I Made a split screen overlay for this episode beach house bedroom. I use it for phone calls so I’m not sure if it’s what youre looking for…


If it’s right: I can make something like this for any background you like.


Could you do this for me please?? Xx


Sure. Which background?

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Awh thank you so much!!

  1. The Living Room - Please could you make me one where the sofa is and one where the kitchen is?
  2. The Office - Please could you do where the desk and red chair is? But instead of it being in the bottom right corner, could you make the overlay so that it’s in the top left corner?
  3. The Bedroom - Please could you do the same as the office background and make it in the top left corner?

Thank you so so much, I will, of course, give credit! If you can’t do it then that’s completely fine :relaxed: xx

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Here you are! Hope they are ok… I can make changes if they aren’t.

living room

There is a white line but you can’t see it here…



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These are perfect!! Thank you so much, how can I credit you? xx

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I’m glad you liked them :slightly_smiling_face:. Just credit me with my instagram caramelcaro.writing

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Ok! Thanks again x

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