Help me find a drawn cover artist on IG

Hey y’all
I am in search for a drawn cover artist on IG or Forums who is taking requests
Pls help a girl out
Let me know ANYONE who does drawn covers
I am looking for free artists

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@M_H_C_Episode has a list of art shops

I have an art shop you can request at

Line’s Free Artshop (OPEN) - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (

I’ll check it out, thanks

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Hi! I have a few slots open if you don’t mind paying for art.
You can check out my Commission thread for more examples, and I have a document linked in that thread with all my info and the process whilst commissioning, as well as my IG info.


Price Chart

This needs updated. The bottom part is supposed to be “each extra character is 50% off their own total cost”.

Price estimates are commitment free, so feel free to pm if you want to discuss further or have any questions :heartbeat:

Unfortunately, i cannot pay

No worries :hugs:

I recommend looking here - A New Complete List Of Everything! PARTIALLY OPEN (: or simply searching for art shops and requesting at an open one :slightly_smiling_face:

She is looking for free artist

No prob :slightly_smiling_face: