Help me find a intro background please

Hi episodians!
I was coding my story a hour ago and I’ve just noticed how my intro background is plain literally :persevere: but anyways I was wondering if someone could make me one if not it’s alright, but I’d be very much appreciated!
Current intro background I know it’s plain hehe that’s why I need help :heart:

What is it you’re looking to have on it? Like a nice background for your character to stand against? or an actual splash?

Like my character walks on scene and is customizable and I want a better background then plain white :blush:

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Anything in mind? any patterns or images that you like?

Something like a brick wall with graffiti on it like one on episode but a bit more darker if thats alright

You wanted the episode one? or a wall with graffiti in general?
Because here’s some non episode ones:

Almost like that but a cooler one if that make sense or you could just recommend some but something with dark colors

Ah was just adding some to my previous message :joy: the top one has darker colours… I can look for some more though. I found them on pixabay there’s lots on there

Ooo thanks! I’ll use the bottom one :blush:

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No problem :slight_smile: