Help me find a story please

Hi! I recently was thinking about these two stories and I can remember the titles but I can maybe give you guys a good enough description so you can find them. At least that what the episode help people said. The first story is about a male wolf who need to find a mate and when he finally finds one she ends up being female but they have her take a test and she ending up being part wolf which totally surprised her and then her dad explains that he is a wolf and had to run away from the old pack. The other story is about a mafia (maybe) and there parents died in a car crash and oppositedly there younger sister until they find her with the enemy (she isn’t working with him) I think one of the characters name is Camille or something along those lines otherwise thank you so much if you can find those stories

I’m sorry, I never read stories like that… :sweat:

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I’m not sure but maybe the first one is Mated To A Werewolf ? Even if it’s not go read that story you’ll love it x

That story is really good I think I’m only on episode 5 or something but the story I’m talking about is a classic story and the dad ended up knowing the wolf pack I mean this story might have been it but a revamped version but I really like it so far so thank you

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