HELP me find a story PLEASE!

Please help me find this story, I read it a few years ago and loved it but I forgot what it’s called. It’s about a girl who’s father is a very important person or something so he assigns his daughter a bodyguard who isn’t really a bodyguard just like some hot guy to watch out for her after she gets kidnapped I think. But at first she doesn’t like him hanging around her all day and at school but then they fall in love blah blah you get it. That’s really all I remember and I’m 99.9% sure its not ‘The Bodyguard’ because the dad is still alive and she’s still in school. Also I remember them having full CC, custom names and it was an ink story.
If you find it i love you <3

It wasn’t ink but LL story by earlgreytea called Always, according to me. Because this story is as same as described by you.

Maybe but I distinctly remember it being ink because I never used to read LL but thanks anyway x