Help me find a story!

I read an amazing story once about a badass female mc who fights in an underground dog house for money. Until one day she meets one guy at school that she starts to have feeling for and she finds out that he is also a fighter in that same arena (just to help his mother for her illness). They have to go against each other at the final championships. She ends up throwing hand and she wins.
I really liked this story but I forgot it’s name. I’m really desperate to find it so I hope someone could help me out. Thanks!!

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I think i read a story very similar to this before, it was even one of my favorites, but unfortunately, i forgot the name.

hey I think the story you’re talking about is called “Not interested” I actually just started reading it but i’m at the part where they’re at the championship rn so I believe this is what the story you were looking for :thinking:

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No not the one… but thanx

It is.

Yeah, i think it’s that one.

So I was wondering if someone could help me figure out a story that I lost because I had to switch phones. It was about a boy who moves and leaves his girlfriend in his hometown. He meets a girl at his new high school and they become friends. They end up going to a party in the latest chapter and the boys girlfriend visits him and ends up going to the party also. His new friend ends up catching his girlfriend flirting with a guy at the party and tells him, but he doesn’t believe her. Does anyone know which story I am talking about?