Help me find an animetion i can't find?

So i am trying to find animation lay down that it looks like female character is talking in pain
i did use animation idle_lay_exhousted_loop but i wanted character to talk please if anyone knows how can i code this please help


This is the only talking while laying animation


I’m afraid talk_lay_awake_neutral_loop is the only talking/laying animation. You could make do with the idle_lay_exhausted_loop animation and have her talk (her lips wouldn’t move, but it’s the closest remedy). Episode doesn’t have too many laying animations to choose from.

Another thing you could do is upload a floor background and then use normal standing animations while, at the same time, making it appear as if she’s on the floor. It is a little extra, but it does help too :slight_smile:

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thanks i think i will use idle_lay_exhausted AND talk_lay_awake_neutral_loop
i really don’t know how did that would play out i just don’t know for how short should i put pause for ?