Help me find an episode!

Hi, so I started playing a really good episode but I kiiinda lost it
As far as I can remember, it’s about a girl new to town who bumps into this guy and his girlfriend (Sydney), eventually she goes to the bar where the meets this guy’s friend and the person she was supposed to stay with turned out the be that guy’s girlfriend and kicked her out
Then she ends up staying in the spare room of the guy she ran into, the room belongs to someone named Noah who comes back early from tour and has this mysterious girl on his wallpaper
And like every week the group does fun stuff like a 90s picnic in the park, etc.

^^ That’s the Noah character

So I know this is a lot and really confusing and all over the place but I’m really desperate to find this Episode, and thank you to anyone who helps :yellow_heart:

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Wish i could help you, no clue sorry. Have you tried Instagram? Maybe try asking around. Just depends if it was popular or not though.