Help me find out the name of the Episode Original story

Hey, guys!

I started reading an Episode Original, but forgot to save it and now I can’t remember its name! It was about a girl who works in a company and gets a makeover, so she starts to get the attention both from her boss and from her colleague crush.

I’ve only read a apart of the first chapter, so I don’t know much about the plot, I remember she catches the boss on the elevator talking to another woman, then sends a text gossiping about it to the company group chat - and he sees it. Then, after a meeting, he invites her to a business dinner. Before that, she gets the makeover, with the help of a friend (you can chose between three options of a friend, with different personalities traits).

I’ve only got so far, but I’ve spent gems on it an I’d like to finish at list this chapter, before I can judge. Can somebody please help me?

Thank you very, very much!

The story’s name is How To Be Bad

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Yes! Thank you so much!