Help me find r4r & g4g groups

I’ve published a new story yesterday. Help me find out some r4r & g4g groups.
I’m very much active in Instagram. Here is my handle: @episode.pori1

Thank you so much. :sparkling_heart:

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Hiya! I’d love to do r4r and f4f on insta! My insta is @/violetdragon.episode : D
Msg me the details on there <3



Where August walks, danger looms, and their name is the A Squad: dedicated to have him for themselves. Whatever the cost. That is until Noelle shows up, and she’s all for justice.

Ty for this thread! :sparkling_heart:

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Hi dear Violet. I’ve tried to message u in insta but failed because it says I can’t message u unless u follow me.

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Oof my bad! I’ll follow you : D