Help me find story Please

The story is about a new girl who joins a high school because of her “uncle” (old family friend) forcing her to in order to not get arrested (i think). She does not have parents (dont remember how they died) but she one of the main features you cant change are her purple eyes and i remember her riding a motorcycle. The “bad boy” falls inlove with her and they end up together.

Not interested by madison

Help I’m looking for a story myself! Could any one help??

I need help finding a story, I can’t remember the names of the characters but it’s story like (fearless)
Where they meet and she’s hiding a secret of being the best assassin and also the guy she meets well his Italian grandpa is her step-grandpa which the grandpa is really nice to the girl and they shocked because of it and she run away to get out of the gang of some sort! And the grandpa comes to the house and that how it is all revealed!

I can’t find this story at all! Any help would be appreciated!

I can’t find a story either if anyone can help that will be great let appreciated I was reading it and it disappeared from my favourites it’s about a girl who is half vampire and half human called Lydia and the live interest was a wolf if anyone knows what I’m on about please help thankyouuuu x

Hey, I need help finding a story that I read years ago!
All I can remember is that the main character is going off to college (I think) And was forced by her dad to move in with some guy Instead of living by herself. The main character and the guy( I think his name is Leo but I’m not sure) grew up together, their parents are like best friends. their mom’s always shipped them together. They always fight but they like each other. I think the guy(Leo?) was her first kiss if I’m not mistaken. And later on in the story he realizes that he’s in love with her and for some reason he thinks he can’t love her(like he’s not allowed to) so he goes to therapy. They end up together in the end.

If anyone knows a story please let me know cause I’ve been struggling for MONTHS to find it!

It’s called In Your Dreams by Layla Moon

Hey guys so I read this story a long time ago but never finished it. I remember the MC was keeping a secret from everybody and wanted to be popular. So when this guy comes back he tries to figure out what’s going on with her and why she’s acting so distant when they use to be close. I also think the secret she’s keeping had to do with the guys younger sister.

Hi I really need help finding an old episode story, your character was on the run with a boy and I can’t remember his name but you had to spend a night in this cave and I think it came out onto the beach, it was such a cute story and I can’t find it anywhere. I think the main characters name was something like destiny and the boy was called jake. Anyone have any ideas?

I really wanna find a story as well. See there’s this story I read about a year ago about a girl and guy in college. He’s a bad boy and a famous rockstar. She’s also a “bad girl” and the only friend his sister has managed to make in college. He wants to sleep with her, but his brothers tell him to back off unless he wants to get WITH her. Then other things happen as well and they end up having lots of chemistry blah, blah and I forgot the rest. Before he met her he was able to bed a lot of girls because of how good looking he is. He had a spare room that he used for every girl. She was the first girl to be in his bed. I also remember he had a really high sex drive and she did too. He smoked and I remember the first time they did it they were drunk and he woke up the next morning and said “I hope she doesn’t blame me for this.” I really wanna reread it so someone please help me out!!!

I really want to find this story. so I started a vampire story last year and I forgot the name. All i can remember is that the reader got to chose the mc name and the LL gender. I remember that the ll went to the mc house to watch a movie and the reader got to pick what movie they were going to watch. Does anyone know this story by any chance?

i’m having issues finding a story too, what i remember from it is, there’s a girl with purple eyes but she wears contacts to hide them and she thinks she’s an orphan but it turns out her dad is the head of a little gang, mafia or cartel one of the three he has purple eyes too and i think his name is kane or something, she then ends up dating kanes right hand man i think and finds out kane is her father. pls help if u can <3

please tell me someone knows the name of this story

Unless you give details, no one would be able to help you out!

it sounds like apartment 143 to me by Natasha Hills