Help me find the name of this game

guys, i’ve been so bored at home lately, and i’ve been installing old games i used to play when i was little.
there was this game i have no idea what the name is, but there was this all black man that just kept running to the right, it was like an infinity running game i think? and the background was a city and it was all blue, you had to like not let him die.
I really want to find that game dude😩


It sounds like so many games :laughing:.
I tried to search it up but all that came up was blue backgrounds and pictures of a guy running to the right and temple run.
Is there anything else you remember about the game?

Is the game by any chance called Vector?

What I’m hearing is this is an infinite 2d running game which you can probably find on the App Store.

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omg it was, thank you sooo much, i missed playing that game<3

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