Help me find the story

Help me find the story

I used to read this story few years ago but i lost my account, i dont remember the name but I remember some details.
The female MC had purple eyes and some superpowers and the male mc also had colored eyes and superpowers i think his name was ace but i don’t remember. They fell in love but their kind were rivals. The female mc also had a protective shield around her to protect her from the rivals so every time the male mc touched her he felt a strong electric shock. If anyone knows this story please let me know

i don’t exactly remember the author name but it was something like “julina or juliana”

I found the author u where thinking of but non of her stories match the description. Is it this one u where thinking of.

Hey, thank you for helping out but unfortunately this isnt the one :frowning: the girl had powers since she was born.

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Superhero corp?

Mc in ‘the Devine’ has purple eyes

The main element? Or nyctophillia?

Hey, thank you so much for helping out. It was an INK story. I cant find it anywhere and no one seems to know about the story maybe it got removed

This wasn’t the author was it?

I dont think so because i used to follow her instagram and she was working somewhere too so she definitely wasn’t 15.

Hello i also need help finding a story i read before, it was in ink style.

Basically the story was ab a girl who was in love with a boy and they were together. The girl’s family was poor and her dad was a gambler meanwhile the boy was rich. One day a gang entered the girls home and demanded money from the dad cause he owed him but he was broke. So he killed her parents and r*ped her. Then he forced her to steal money from her boyfriend. She didnt have the guts to tell her boyfriend about what happened so she stole money snd gave it to the leader of the maffia. Then she disappeared and moved away cause she was feeling guilty of what she did. The boy knew it was her who stole it and began to hate her. Years later the boy got a new girlfriend who had ginger hair and they owned a company together i think. The girl was living in a small house and she painted alot. She met the boy idk somewhere and he still hated here and didnt know what she did. Then i stopped reading. The girl had black hair but idk what he looked like. I think either the girl or the boy’s surename were berry or smth like that.

I hope i could fint it