Help me find the title of the story

I am trying to find a story that I read years ago. It’d be really helpful if you could help me. It was a high school love story. I believe the mc and lI’s name were mia and austin. Austin had this best friend who he had fwb with but it wasn’t anything serious but the girl loved him. He goes away for high school and meets mia there. Both mia and Austin’s family are rich and know each other. They become friends quickly and start liking eachother. Austin asks her out on a date but on the day she catches him kissing her bestie which turned out to be a misunderstanding. They soon start dating but later austin finds out that his bestie is dying from cancer so he goes away to be with her. But later they find their way back to eachother and its a HEA.

It’s called This time.

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Omggg yessss. Thank you so much😭🩷

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I can’t make my own posts yet so can someone help, i remember this really old ink story with two love interests that were brothers, the other one’s name was cole. there was a bully whose name was nicole. the brothers made a pact to not hang out eith mc as both liked her. can’t remember other details

My sisters crush was similar, that was in ink and limelight.