Help me find the title of this story please

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Hi I know this is a long shot but can anyone help me find this story it is about a girl who is a gang leader and she is keeping it from her father and the man who lives with them and later on in the story the girl and the man have twins but the man doesn’t know that she has kids because they haven’t seen each other in ages and their friends and family try to keep it away from him.
Idk if this helps either but the name jade is in my head I think that is the girls name and the work scorpion is in my head as well I think that is the gangs name and I think her mother is dead and she has blue eyes but uses contact lenses and her father calls someone blue something I think. Sorry if this don’t make sense but it is bugging me that I don’t know the title

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So it’s this story about some billionaire soccer player who is literally a player and hooks up with all these girls but then he finds this girl who isn’t really interested and then soon or later he gets her to be his fake girlfriend fiancé and so forth but idk what the name is the person who wrote it I think their name is like Adrianne it’s a white girl with blonde hair………anywho if anyone knows let me know!

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Was it Love Games?

So I only got to read the first episode before I lost the story but it’s about a girl who ran away from home because it was unsafe for her, her friend found her at a bus station and began living with her. Fast forward her friend is out of control and the brother of the best friend comes to babysit to get her under control with her partying. The brother and girl obviously find each other attractive but that’s all I remember! Someone please help I really want to finish reading it! Also the best friend isn’t the nicest but she helped the girl so the girl feels indebted!


Please, save me by Bri

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I don’t know if this is the proper place to ask (still trying to get the hang of this website) buuuut:

I used to read stories on Episode many years ago and there’s one in particular I would like to find again but cannot remember the name of. It was an Official story at the time, about a girl who falls in love with essentially a cupid I think? It was in the Limelight style and the guy owned a nightclub called the Dark Angel. I remember one of the final choices in the game being how apparently it was tradition to wear a red wedding dress but if you didn’t want to pay gems you got to wear a black one instead.

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It’s called Matchmaker by Alex Light

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Did you ever found the name of this story? If yes, what was it?

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Hello anyone and everyone I was wondering if someone can help me find this story from a longggg time ago it was about a princess and her family going to a close family friend’s (I think) kingdom and the only thing I can remember is that the main character (princess) had to learn to dance the waltz I believe and her and her sister would fight for the princes attention (the main character wouldn’t really fight for his attention) pls pls pls can someone help :,))))

was the LI the dance instructor?

It might be Episode’s dirty dancing or The Arrangement by E R Gurney. I just don’t remember the sisters fighting.

Hii i too need help finding this story!!So its about a girl named Ioana, who is 16, is facing psychological issues, lives in an orphanage where people think her as crazy. Then later she is adopted by a man Gabriel, who is 24, has a girlfriend called Elizabeth, yet he and Ioana fall in love. He tries to help her find her mother. She also has a best friend/sister named Jenna, and also meets a guy named Daniel(who also falls in love with her). Her world at first was black and white, but then it gets filled with colors.

It’s ‘‘Crossing the line’’

Hello :wave:,
I need help with finding story. I don’t remember a lot. The LI meet woman at barber shop own by his friend. the woman is dermatologist She Is older than him, je likes her… I think he wants to going to her for appointment, but i am not sure. The doctor had brown hair… Maybe there Is tattoo studio but i am not sure as well… I don’t remember how he meet with main character but she is daughter of the dermatologist. The MC had blonde hair originally. I think the daughter visits her mother on weekends and she goes there with LI. The MC ended working with her mom. Please help me.

Btw i am sorry for my English, it’s not my first language :roll_eyes::hugs:

Hi I was wondering if you could help me find this one! It was a love triangle but with three choices of guys. One guy was her ex lover who’s name was Miguel, I’m pretty sure. I think there was a mason too. She was a famous model.

I need help finding the title of this story. I can not remember much about the story. Basically she has two love interests. They are both her boss, and they are brothers. I can’t seem to find it

Could be Dirty Business by BB

Hi I’m sorry I’m new to this forum and I’m not sure how to post lol, so if this is in the wrong place I apologize! Anyways, I am desperate to find this story I lost. It was saved to my favorites and now it’s gone. I have an awful memory so this is a long shot but I’ll explain the details the best I can. The story is about a girl who is a supernatural creature, but she lives on earth. On a certain birthday her powers kick in and her guardian gives her a necklace to activate a portal to this other world because people are now after her. It sends her to a school, or college I can’t quite remember. Long story short, she’s a part of this extinct species of mythical creature that went extinct to lock the evil guys on a different planet. Her mom was the queen of the planet that was once home to the species (each species has their own planet) so she’s incredibly powerful. I cannot for the life of me remember what she’s called but it’s a big deal once it’s revealed. She also has different colored eyes that she has to disguise with the necklace she wears, I think they might be red. I’m sorry again lol, these are the most details I can remember.

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Hi I’ve been trying to find this story when the heiress (tigress) ran away from her old life to a college campus with her best friend Berlin … and challenging various sororities to form the own called (the outsiders) I need help finding the name please

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Hi I’m not sure of anyone is on here anymore and I’m not quite sure how to work this site. But I needed help finding a story, I read it so long ago and I don’t remember the name and it might’ve gotten deleted I’m not sure. So it’s about these four main characters and all of them are sets of twins of two. One of the pair of twins are Black and the other set I’m not sure maybe Italian they had red hair though and not orange, red. The set of twins that are Black, the girls name is Jordyn and I don’t know the brothers name. Also I forgot to mention that both sets of twins
are fraternal twins. Anyways they are all friends and so are their parents. Their parents ended leaving for a trip or something like that and since they were alone they decided to throw a little party. But more people ended up showing up and the party got a little out of control and basically all I know is that they ended up in jail for a bit and yeah that’s all I remember. help me pls and thank you-_-‘