Help me find this animation please!

(First off, please tell me if this is in the wrong category)

Hey! So, I need help finding an animation. I don’t have a picture but I can describe it. It’s a male animation and it’s from Ink. It kind of looks like they were caught doing something. The character rubs his neck and looks up and down. Please help me!

And it’s not idle_awkward or talk_awkward.

Nevermind. I was going to say awkward. Do you have a screenshot?

I can try to find one, give me a sec.

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mortified ? :thinking:

I’ll try it, thanks!

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omg thanks! I’ve been looking for a while!


I was just an about to say that! Dang! :blush::blush:

It’s okay! But thank you for trying! :relaxed:

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But yeah.

I’ll send this in case you need it.

Your welcome! It’s not a problem!

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