Help me find this animation!

So i looked all through the possible animations and there’s one that I just can’t find! It’s the one where he/she is blushing while rubbing her arm. Please help! I cant find the forum to it

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is it ink or limelight?

Like, what I’m using?


I’m very sorry, I’m new to all of this. How can you tell which one? Is it just based off of what kind of character you use?

or blush_shy

yeah, those are close, thank you, but the one I’m looking for, they dont talk

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limelight vs. ink

picture was found on google

Is it idle_awkward for ink?

Ohhh mine is limelight and the animation I’m thinking of is from ink. Does that mattter tho?

are you making a story ? if you are, then yes.

but if you just need it for a pose for edit or drawing, then no.

yes ma’am

oh yea, you can’t use an ink animation for limelight story, or vice versa.

That’s it! Is it possible to use that in limelight?

Really? Yay! So do i just copy and paste the animation?

ya, i’m pretty sure they have idle_awkward for both ink and limelight :))

If there’s an animation that limelight doesn’t have, can I still put the ink one down for my limelight characters and it still work?

Yeah, that’s exactly the difference!

Just to repeat, ink:


And @LiyahxWrites gave you cool animations that you can use or type in “awkward” to see what u find; also you’ll notice both ink and limelight have mostly different animations :smiley:


ohhhhh I see! Thank you! You’re so kind for helping me!

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ink and limelight both have it. so you can use it. but if one does NOT have it, then no, you can’t copy & paste. but for this, you can