Help me find this book!

Hi, so I would like to ask about this book I was reading, I can’t remember the name of it or the author and I didn’t save it to my favourites. I was wondering if you could tell me what it’s called. I only read the first few chapters, but here’s what happens…
The story line is this girl moves to New York from Texas with her two friends(a girls d boy) to leave their old life of being strippers and a bouncer behind(the main characters name starts with a m but I can’t remember the rest). They moved to New York early because they had their collage graduation in New York. And the mc was late to graduation so her friend had to stall for her. After graduation she was looking for a job and got an interview at a company, once again I can’t remember where but the man who owns it last name was king I think. Anyways she gets accepted there but not for the job she wants, but the job of being his assistant. (However in her old life she stripped for her new boss). She takes the job and goes on a business trip with her boss, but the girl the mc boss is casually sleeping with shows up at their hotel, she was mad about the mc being there so decides to drug the mc food, so the mc gets ill and can’t go to the business gala with the boss and she can. When the mc finds about this she fights with the other girl and ends up getting fired. But the boss starts to like the mc even if he doesn’t want to admit it so he rehires the mc. After the trip the mc gets home and spends a lot of time with her boss. When she goes back to the apartment she’s sharing with her friends she updates her friends on what happened, also, she has something going on with on of her best friends( they always flirt but haven’t sealed the deal) after that the boss invites her to go to his adoptive parents house because he doesn’t get along with them. And as soon as they enter they start being all rude to them.
That is all I have got up to. The bosses name starts with c and I think his last name is king.
I’m really hoping you can tell me what this story is because I am in love with it after only the first few chapters! Honestly it would be AMAZING if anyone could help me out!

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Umm… maybe Read My Lips? But I don’t think it’s right…

Pretty sure its called Stripped. One of the girls name is Diamond? And the other one is an MC? And then the person you work for is Alex Forbes and Shane?

It sounds like the story Stripped by Chantelle M.

I may be wrong because there some things in the description that I don’t remember or aren’t familiar? But may be try looking at that story.

It’s not that, I’ve read that story already but thanks! If you could share this to see if anyone knows that would be great! Thank you though

I’ve actually read all the episodes that are out for stripped but thanks! If you could share this it would be great. I’d really like to find out that story but thanks anyway!!

Dang okay, but yeah I will be sure to ask around.

This sounds like “Problematic” by MeganM. Let me know if I’m on point!

Hi, i would like to thank you for finding the story I am reading. I am so happy l. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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