Help me find this story? (1/1/2021)

It’s about a girl and she’s the main character and her rockstar ex boyfriend who break up because he chooses to leave and go on tour with his band. A couple of years later they aren’t together but still love each other and her best friend is engaged to be married to his twin brother. The brothers also have a little sister. I think the rockstars name is Drew. The main character, her best friend and her other girlfriends plan a trip to where the wedding is going to take place and she tries to take her mind off her ex. The rockstar ex comes back for his brothers wedding and when they come face to face sparks are still flying and they realise they still love each other but she’s scared of getting hurt again so she’s hesitant to get back together. Where I got up to in the story is where they ended up working things out and taking things slow but all these secrets starting unraveling too like he had a thing with his band mate too. The story is kind of like my rockstar ex but it’s not that story.

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