Help me FIND this story (SOLVED)

I read this story a while ago ( a YEAR maybe two…) and the my account was deleted or something and I never managed to find it again. So if any of you have read this please let me know what it’s called…

Here’s what I remember:

-Probably was in the romance category
-Very popular
-Had a black and white cover ( lol)
-Multiple romantic interests
-There was an older man who was a psycho involved who at some point had kidnapped the MC AND had put a SHOCK COLLAR on her (the diamond choker accessory) but he was introduced much later in the story…
-I think there was another psycho that may or may not have had red hair that may or may not have been related to the other psycho and was kinda obsessed with the MC

I know this is not much to go on but UGH!

Yep. That’s it.
Seriously guys I need to find this!!!

Okay, I’m really not sure, but are you talking about I’m Just a Girl by Tina M? Because that’s the only thing that came to my mind when you mentioned an older, psychopathic man who kidnapped the MC and put a shock collar on her. There were also multiple love interests. Lemme know if that’s the story you were talking about. :joy:

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No that’s not it either but thank you!

Unfortunately that’s not it either but thank you!

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I haven’t read the story, but it wasn’t Sore Loser was it? (By memory that story had a B&W large cover lol, that’s why I thought of it.)


Ohhh I already read it!!! I can’t remember the name but I finished the story, is Sore Loser, was removed for the plataform because the main character married her rapist.

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Sore Loser! I enjoyed that story.


That’s the one! Welp.
Thanks guys!!


If you like different plots with a good characters construction where mental illness is involved I’m going to recommend you these ones:

  • Fragile Bonds (Human Bean)
  • The most powerful scream (CatEyedGoddess) I only read a few episodes, reading it now

But above all, my stories I made a good research about the thematic and if someone of my characters has a mental Illness they have a good research.

  • The Ugly Truth by Gia Cereni (15 episodes published) I think you’ll like it
    Nicole is a journalist that works in the advertising world. Her life is settling down but all crumbles in one night. Then she met two guys that will turn his world around an going to push her to the limits of life and death. Above all, she’s about to know that all her life she lived into a bubble filled with lies.
  • Obsession (mortal Obsession) by Gia Cereni 4 episodes published
    A tight-knit team of rising investigators and a court officer has suddenly torn apart when they discover this murderer.

Thank you! And as an added plug… Fragile Bonds is now complete!


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: