Help me find this story! sos

Heyyy peeps, I really really need your help to find this story. I remember i’ve already read more than a few episodes of this story. I really forget the title, but i remember some of the content tho’. So, this story takes place in Azerbaijan. The main character is a girl, she is the daughter of a florist. I think (if i’m remembering this correctly, the mc only has her mother.) The mc has 3 or 2 friends. She doesn’t come from a rich or a powerful family.
His love interest is a man with a fairly cold nature and a strict (or maybe quite evil) father. his father is super rich and he’s remarried to a woman who was younger than his age. I remember the love interest’s father’s wife-to be is a kind person, unlike the father himself. The love interest’s father tends to talk down on the mc because the mc is not rich.
The story is in limelight style, it uses really good backgrounds that describes the Azerbaijan place perfectly. Also, the story allows to customize the characters (love interest and the main character).
I really like the story but unfortunately I forgot the title. maybe you guys can help me find the story? thanks very much. :pray: :pray:t3:

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