Help me find this story…

Lol its me again so a few years ago i used to read this story about vampires. It had no customization. There was a female MC she was a vampire and after her father’s death she was forced to marry another vampire. They both go for hunting and apparently she hunted in the area of another vampire and as a punishment she had to marry the man whose area she hunted in, i remember his name it was legion and they called him leech.
The author went by the name s.winter on instagram and he disappeared suddenly i don’t know if the story is still available on episode or not if anyone knows the name please let me know.

I haven’t seen Saulo around anywhere for a very long time but last I seen, his author name on the app is “Saul”.

He may have removed some of his stories though? I don’t know, but you could always check his episode profile and see if the story is there.

The story is called Exosculation by S.Winter/Saulo. He disappeared from the community 3(?) years ago. Idk if he’ll ever come back

This is his profile on the app like @schittwriter mentioned

Yesss thank you so much.

Thank you

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