Help me find this story ;-;

Okay. So I haven’t been reading episode for 3 years now and so much have changed. However, I came back to read that one short story 3-4 episodes long. I remember the story vaguely but it goes like this.

This boy keeps on dreaming about a location, an abandoned one at that. He sees flashbacks about a location, a bag stained with blood. One night, on his way somewhere he saw the abandoned location he keeps on dreaming about. So he decided to explore it a little more. Inside that dark abandoned warehouse type of place, he saw a bag. The same bag he sees that is stained w blood. Shakily, he decided to open the bag and see what is that bag about. Inside, he saw his own face own body curled up. Upon seeing that body, he gets flashbacks about the truth. About how he died 21 days back. He was actually the victim of an accident. And he had no memory of his death. Everything makes sense later about how his mother has not been talking to him or interacting w him and stuff…

I need to read that story again. If anyone of you have read it. Please tell me the name. Itd be much appreciated. Also, if it helps… This was an ink story.

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It’s Haunted: Take Me Home

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Hey guys
I need your help asap! What does that game called where this girl has to choose one of three boys? The first of them is a polo player, second is a prince and the third is the president’s son.

Dirty little secrets

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I read a story years ago about a guy getting with this girl who didn’t know he was a prince. And when she finds out they obviously have a hard time and all. It ends with them together after she fights guys that were sent to the royal family’s palace to hurt people on a rooftop I believe. There’s also a part where she helps people by doing an anonymous announcement on tv as well I think?¿ idk but I remember I loved the story and would like to read it again so I was wondering if anyone knows what it could be called?¿

Ive read a lot of prince ones that sound familiar to what you describe , the prince isn’t on the app anymore… but whenever I’m with you is, but that’s not been updated

Who’s the author of this the prince story?

Don’t know, every year I screen shot all the stories in my favs, so that in future I can go back and remember what I read and reread the ones I enjoyed most … the screenshot didn’t have author name. I searched ‘the prince ‘ but it never came up on app.

Im trying to find a story i read, is about a girl that was in a abusive relationship, her mother abounded her because she decided to go with bf that abuse her, when she was at the hospital the doctor started liking her, she moved with him and he supported her college school, theres two brothers that are love interest, one is a player and other is more of a golden boy. I believe can romance the doctor. Thats all i remember, the last episode i remember she received a letter from a sceret admirer. Thats all i remember