Help me find this Witch story, I don't remember the tittle

Hi, my I cleared episode game data recently. Half of my favourite stories were gone. Last week, I read interesting story about witch and I love that story, unfortunately I don’t remember the tittle and can’t find the story as well. The story is about witch(Mc) who is immortal, have love interest who is died for her in the past. Later in modern year, the witch become writers. Also Li become an actor he was reincarnated but can’t remember anything about his/her past life.
MC and Li cross their path again and Mc determined to get her lover back.

The witch by Ella & Heather

Can be found on Ella’s profile.


I’m reading The Witch. Check it out:

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Thank you :blush:

hey, do u know episode community story (genre: fantasy), that involve 5 world like Egypt, under water (they become mermaid), heaven and hell, spaceship, zombie world, etc. there is also Heh God of time. The story is MC destroys an important artifact in Egypt, so they must go back in time and into the future to find the artifact pieces.

I forgot tittle and name of author. Can u help?

Ksenia. But she is banned