Help me finding the story's name

Hello everyone. I was reading a story that I seem to have accidentally taken off my favorites list and now, I cannot find the name of the story!! I would really really appreciate anyone helping me out.

The description was about a girl named Claire who was on a journey looking for her lost fiance and about the people she meets on the way. I believe there were 2 LI’s named David and Tony and it was written in LL. It was the author’s first story and the genre might have been mystery or adventure (though I cannot remember for certain)? Additionally, I think there were around 25 chapters out so far.

The cover art featured two guys: one with blonde hair and one with dark hair. I realize that this isn’t very detailed but its the most I can remember and I would appreciate any help.

Thanks so much!

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Hi guys, I really don’t know how to use this lol. I tried making a post but no luck :frowning: I deleted the story of my favorites and cannot find it and I was almost.finished !!! omg :frowning: I forgot the name but it had a resident dr named Ashley Lawrence and her 4 lovers. Erick Miller, Justin Saunders Aaron Anderson and Connor. pleaseee help with the name . Thank you so much!!

Maybe I can. Where did you find the story? (I don’t know the title but maybe I could help?)

Also do you remember the Author?

Hey can someone help find this story I added it to my favorites a year ago but i accidentally deleted it and now I can’t find it
The main character was forced to marry because her family was famous and it needed to be done for image
But she want to be with her bodyguard
She had a sister that was forced to do the same thing and they move on but find each other years later