Help me Fix my Error (Please Reply and help me)

Hi Help I cant fix an error


@Rosa Stand a screen right
@Rosa faces left

@Rosa (talk_smile_happy_loop)
@Rosa is admire_happy
@Rosa walks left
@Rosa faces right
Screen shot:

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Hi! Welcome to the forums! :smiley: Can you send a screenshot of the problem because this isn’t really clear for me… sorry.

If you have a character talking, you don’t put @ before the characters name :slight_smile:

Try this:


&Rosa stands screen right AND Rosa faces left

    Rosa (talk_smile_happy_loop)

@Rosa is admire_happy
@Rosa walks to screen left AND Rosa faces right

Thank you for trying to help me but for a strange reason it didn’t work I might just keep trying or find a person that could be my partner and that can code the story. Thank you I really apricate your help.

That code should work, as long as your character’s name is Rosa and not ROSA. If it is in all caps, you’ll need to put it in as ROSA. I tried it with one of my characters and it worked.

okay I’ll give you a screen shot so I can show you what I see

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You didn’t indent the “Hi.”, and you only indented ROSA (talk_smile_happy_loop) once. The ROSA part needs to be indented twice, and Hi. indented once.

Try capitalizing all your ROSAs, even after the ANDs. :thinking:

I did it. Thank you for helping me I might just learn more coding from the community or get a partner as I said. But Thank you!

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You’re welcome, feel free to ask me any questions!

Hey. I would love to help if you need any

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