Help me, folks!

Ok, first of all. This may seem to you as a stupid question, cause I think it will be.
So, it’s already the school holidays for me in the country and I don’t really have anything to do except to hang out with friends sometimes, go out with my fam or go back to school for a day or two just for some CCA lessons (CCA: Co-curriculum activities).
Most of the days I’m often bored so I re-downloaded this app to play more episode and read since I don’t have any books on my mind to read anymore.
My passes in episode are the max which is 4, and I used it up instantly. Sometimes when I’m lucky I can cut the timing of the passes but now I’m not so lucky and I can’t skip, so I really have to wait for 3 hrs+.
Now, the main question is: Should I buy the unlimited passes for 15$? I find that 15$ is a little much but it’s for one month and it can really keep me entertained for that whole period plus it comes with no ads
So what do you think I should do?

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Well, if you want to…

I’ve never felt like I wasted my money when I bought the unlimited pass pack :woman_shrugging:. It’s a good opportunity to binge stories ad free and try stories you wouldn’t normally read.