Help me for a directing tip!

Hi there!

I’m a new creator, and I need help for panning tappable overlays. I already looked through everything I found: youtube, episode forum, dara amarie etc but none worked.

I have a 3 zone bg, with 6 overlays in all three zones (two on 1, one on 2 and three on 3). I want the reader to be able to pan through the 3zones with his finger and tap overlays: like a minigame!

The tapping of the overlays work but it doesn’t pan with the mouse… I already tried putting [pan1:2:hor] but it still doesn’t work.

-Here is a screen of my script:

-And here is a screen of the background with the overlays:

If you have a solution please help!

Thank you! :smiling_face:

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This should help:

If it’s a 3 zone, you would need to put tappable [pan:1:3]

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Thank you for answering but I have already seen this video and even if I do exactly like him, it still doesn’t work :frowning:

I tried doing that but the same thing keeps happening, it doesn’t pan, I can just tap the overlays…

Have you tried testing in the app?

Also, how big are your overlays? If your overlay images are big and cover most of the screen, you won’t be able to pan. There needs to be room to touch the background to pan to screen.

My overlays are a bit big but there is room to pan I think…
Here’s a pic of zone 3

Maybe the overlays are too big but I made sure, just like you said in your guide, that the rectangle of the png overlay is the same size so when you click anywhere other than the overlays, nothing is tapped.
Technically, there is room to pan, but maybe not enough?

Can you show how big the overlays are, like show with the dotted white lines around them?

Did you try testing in the app?

I didn’t try it out yet in the app but I will tonight, here are the overlays from the zones:
Zone 1:

Zone 3:

Hi! I just tried it in the app and it works, thank you so much!
Have a good evening!

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