Help me get back into coding pls 😭


I used to be really active and then fell off (coincidentally when college got hard). Now I’m back and I feel like…wow everything’s so confusing. I’m looking for a coding partner to help me finish my first story! I used to be okay at advanced directing, but I def need some guidance ahaha. The story’s fully written. I can also pay!
My instagram’s @diaryesque_ and I’ll check here as well.

Hope everyone’s having a good day, by the way. :grin:


If you can pay, I have a Ko-Fi shop open! I do different services, like proofreading, beta testing, story workshopping (brainstorming, working together, etc) coding scenes, and coding full episodes! My Instagram is @kikis.stories!

Hi if you can pay I have cashapp and my insta is @alleniar.ep!

Thank you to everyone who offered or just gave me great advice! I found someone <3