Help me get ideas to my story!

I really need help with a story idea I came up with.

I was thinking four girls, every girl named by a season (spring, summer, autumn, winter), they don’t know each other. But at first we will follow Spring who has a normal life, nothing strange and just hanging out with her best friend. But suddenly someone kidnappes Spring and she has no clue why. But it turns out all of the four girls have been kidnapped and they all have some kind of super power.
I also thought that every girl have been adopted because their parents have been taken too, but they don’t know that yet.

But I’m so bad at this and like who is kidnapping them? The Government? And why?
Some questions I would like to get help with please! :smiley: Do you think it would be a interesting story?


oh mawh gawd…

ooo and i think that the person that kidnaps them should want to take there powers yk… or is jeasulous bc there kid didnt get this powers and is trying to put it in there own kid… idk

That’s super idea! Maybe it can be a “start with the ending” story

Yes that’s a good idea!! But like just someone random then? Or did you think someone who has like already power over the country? :relaxed:

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oooo yes this definitely seems like something I would read! It is super interesting!
If you need help with it, you can go to this thread (it’s an idea shop and someone can help you!) I am a part of it as well. x

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Yeah! I just don’t have any ideas at all, like how will it end? I guess they will rescue and their parents too but I have noooo clue what else will happen! :confused:

Maybe girls have not any idea about their power in the first place, when someone (ı don’t know who) kidnapped them first they blame each other about the kidnapping, but than hear about the powers and help each other to learn them. So they became friends and about the end
Maybe when all the powers get togerther ıt would be kinda… I don’t maybe kinda miracle or explosion?

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thanks so much for helping me, but when I start the story I just want her to be a normal girl living her life, and then in the end of the chapter she is getting kidnapped, but I’m awful at wasting time because I have no idea what’s interesting if you get what I mean. :relaxed:

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Hun, when is this story comin’ out??? I’m so intrigued. Will check it out :wink: :black_heart:

I actually have no clue but I will work on it! Thanks for pushing me, I need that :white_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Don’t worry 'bout it babe, I’m sure It’ll be great!!! Pop off sis :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

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The plot sounds so interesting! I really wanna read it now :heart:
So now for the story idea: maybe make them sisters? maybe the parents know that the girls have superpowers and they have enemies because of their real parents who died while protecting the girls, and then the girls were sent to an orphanage and got in different houses? And the orphanage knew about the abilities the girls had and told their step parents about it? About the kidnapper, make them the enemies of the real parents because of some kind of rivalryi really don’t know why they have the rivalry with the real parents, i hope you can figure it out lol
These are the only things that came into my mind lol, hope this helped :heart:

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I am waiting for this story it’s gonna be awesome!

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oooooo, use it if you want but what if the kidnappers is like going to pretend to be there “real parents” just because they know they have superpowers and the kidnappers want to use there powers for bad things.


I’ll just brainstorm the first few ideas that came to mind. Hopefully some might be usable
1)A big threat is about to hit the world and they’re the ones who can stop it. The person who kidnapped them is actually meant to be their mentor. He took them so that he can teach them
2)The person who kidnapped them can be someone who is threatened by their powers. They’re the only ones who can stop him so he wants to get rid of them before they learn how to defeat him
3)They’re all sisters. The person kidnapping them is their sibling and the only one born without powers. He’s jealous and wants to steal their powers and kill them
4)Their personalities and magic can be based on the season they’re based on (winter:cold, closed off, serious,/ summer:warm, friendly, energetic, adventurous/ spring:sweet, caring, empathetic, shy/ autumn: artistic, mood swings, street smart)
5)The person kidnapping them was an enemy if their parents. They sent them away to protect them from him but now he found them and wants to kill them in front of their parents as revenge(maybe his own daughter died because of their parents)
I could think of more but I’m tired of typing lol. If any of them sound interesting tell me to give you more ideas

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One day, out of the blue, the four girls began experiencing “power tremors” that disrupt the outside world, which catches the agency’s attention (maybe a secret society?). Once the girls are captured, they are put into a single cell where they meet each other.
Perhaps they discover they were long lost sisters?
As time passes on, they break out of the cell with the help of a mysterious group. The girls learn that the agency had captured them to use their energy and the girls make it their mission to destroy them, with the help of the mysterious group (maybe they form a league?).

Your story seems pretty interesting, but make sure to gradually introduce the characters. What I mean is don’t reveal everything at once, but leave a trail of clues that the reader can piece together. And! Don’t be afraid to add plot twists and extra suspense :upside_down_face:

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thanks a lot! I was thinking something like that with the rivals too :white_heart: :relaxed:

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Wow thank you for sharing your ideas! I got really inspired by 2 and 3. Like the one who is the main brain behind the kidnapping is the four girls brother who like you said is jealous because he didn’t get any powers. Maybe that he did something terrible when the girls were babies so their parents sended them to different families to make them safe. But now he found them after looking for a long time! :purple_heart: :relaxed:

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Do you guys have any ideas what their parents can be called (their real parent not the ones who adopted them). I was thinking something in style of the seasons but of course not the seasons if you get it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Also the brothers name, should it be a normal name because he doesn’t have any powers?