Help Me Get to 1000 Followers On IG

Heyyyy. Currently I’m at about 950 followers on Instagram and I want to get to 1000 so I can post my giveaway/outline contest! At 1000 followers, I will be holding a giveaway/outline contest where you can win many awesome prizes, in my opinion lol. So, follow me @winter05.episode where you can see my outline contest entries (hopefully they don’t blind you), get updates on my stories, and feel free to DM me at any time. :grin:

  • Just a quick question: Would you enter my giveaway/outline contest?
  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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  • Also, for an outline contest, I would need someone to make me an outline for it. You would get full credit for it. If you’re interested in this, PM me or comment below with some examples of your work. :blush:

  • Only follow me if you actually like my work though because I don’t want ‘fake followers’. :sweat_smile:

  • Here’s the link to my Instagram:

  • Thank you! I hope you follow me. :blue_heart:

~ :snowflake:

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Love your profile picture lol <33

Thank you! All credit goes to the amazing artist on Instagram who made it. :raised_hands:t3:

I reached 1K followers so I will be posting my outline contest and giveaway soon, once I’ve organised it. :hugs:

@Sydney_H @Jeremy Please close. :slight_smile:

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Congrats and no prob! :smiley:

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