HELP ME! How do I do to borrow a jacket?


Help me, please!!!

If I want the MC to borrow the jacket of the LI, how do I do it?!

Thank you <3

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You can either make the male’s jacket into an overlay or search for something similar in the female section and create an outfit for the girl with it in it. :slight_smile:

Right, but how do I do this?
Coding speaking

For the overlay:
You have to first “copy” the jacket into an image manipulation program and turn it into a PNG format. Then upload it into the portal under overlays. Then for coding:
INT. BACKGROUND - DAY (<-- your background’s name) with BOY JACKET to x y z
&GIRL spot x y z AND GIRL faces right
&BOY spot x y z AND BOY faces left

CHAR1 (talk_flirt_coy)
Thank you for the jacket.

To place the jacket in the right place, you click on “Show Helpers” in the previewer, then “Spot Directing” --> “Change overlay” and then place it where you think it fits, use “Switch to: scale” if necessary. And then you copy the right spot command from under the previewer into your script.

For the outfit:
First check which jackets look similar for a male and female character. Then create the same outfit your character has currently on but + the jacket. Then for the coding (example):

@BOY is tinker_loop_rear
@GIRL changes into outfit_with_jacket
@BOY is idle

GIRL (talk_sheepish)
Thank you.

Hope it’s understandable :slight_smile:

perfect!!! Thank uuu
one more question:

This also works when the outfit she is wearing was decided by the readers choice?

Only if the outfit is remembered by the script, meanig your outfit game should look like this:

label outfit
Choose an outfit:
“Option 1” {
@GIRL changes into outfit1
Do you want to wear this outfit?
“Yes” {
gain outfit1
}“No, let me see other options” {
goto outfit
}“Option 2” {
and so on.

You’ll have to create a seperate outfit with the jacket for each option. Then to ‘recall’ the outfit:

if (outfit1){
@GIRL changes into outfit1_with_jacket
}elif (outfit2){
@GIRL changes into outfit2_with_jacket
. etc.

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