HELP ME I AM SO CONFUSED WRITE NOW (lmao get it write? since I'm- eh you get it)

You have to it like this:

LADY ALGROVE (idle_jawdrop)

“The Forgotten Queen.”{


And so on. There has to be a space in the coding between Lady Algrove’s dialogue and the bracket and also the other choices CANNOT be on the same line as the other bracket ends that one choice.

Oof I am so confused… I copied your example exactly and the same error appeared…

When doing the name of someone who u want to speak hit tab twice
Then under it write the script as normal
@Kayla.Writes.Episode hope this helps

The error still appears…

“You can’t have one character immediately following another”

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U have to do that for all names one sec

It never did it before though…

this is ep 5

and still the same problem

(I think you can’t put all caps for dialogue)

You can. You just have to have a .!? Behind it. So it’d be,

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I need more help oof… Tryna add it so they remember her and her lady’s in waiting’s dresses and uniforms

I can’t find how to remove the warning

Try Just removing the if


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Now it is coming up with “unexpected elif”

I need my choices to be remembered…

I’m not a master coder or anything but I think u just put choice instead of elif
I think there is a certain code and tutorial for remembering stuff

You use if/elif/else for script choices to remember things… I do need them… :confused: