HELP ME I AM SO CONFUSED WRITE NOW (lmao get it write? since I'm- eh you get it)

If you used gains, get rid of the " around your choices, if you didn’t use gains.
You need the choice name
if (choice_name is “Choice Option”){
elif (choice_name is “Choice Option”){
else (choice_name is “Choice Option”){

I am so confused… I am trying to get them to remember which is which for uniform and outfit. :confused: but that is what I did… I had exactly that… I am trying to make it carry to ep 5 (I am working on adding to ep 4 atm)

Did you use gains?

So episode 4 is when gizelle decides her royal dress for the moment… and she also decides her ladies in waitings uniforms… But when I previewed ep 5… It came up with her in her school uniform and her ladies in the wrong thing…

Here is what I’ll need you to do, go back into the Episode where the original choice is.
Find the dressing game and send me a screenshot.

Check this out: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

In the PC previewer, your outfit won’t drag over from previous Episodes, but on the App it will drag it over for you.

But if you have had your character change into something else and you’d like them to remember the outfit they picked, you need to name your dressing game choice.
So then you could remember, or you could use the gain method.

On line 907 type this in

choice (uni_form)
“red Ruler”{
continue with all the other choices here

Method 1 using gains:

What do you want to wear?

“Red Ruler” {
gain red_ruler

} “Golden Glory” {
gain golden_glory

} "Blue Beauty” {
gain blue_beauty

Method 1 using the gains to remember choices:

if ( red_ruler ) {
[scene for remembering the Red Ruler outfit here]

} elif ( golden_glory ) {
[scene for remembering the Golden Glory outfit here]

} else {
[scene for remembering the Blue Beauty outfit here]

red ruler is not the uniform… that is the one for gizelle. .3.

here is the remembering code for you

if (uni_form is “red Ruler”{
@GIZELLE is dustoff_loop
@pause for 1
@GIZELLE changes into Red Ruler
@GIZELLE is shiftweight
elif (uni_form is “Golden Glory”{
@GIZELLE is dustoff_loop
@pause for 1
@GIZELLE changes into Golden Glory
@GIZELLE is shiftweight
elif (uni_form is “Blue lady uniform”{
@GIZELLE is dustoff_loop
@pause for 1
@GIZELLE changes into Blue lady uniform
@GIZELLE is shiftweight
else (uni_form is “Red lady uniform”{
@GIZELLE is dustoff_loop
@pause for 1
@GIZELLE changes into Red lady uniform
@GIZELLE is shiftweight

I know, the point is to just name the choice, so the script can remember it :slight_smile:
I used the method with no gains, @JemU776 showed you the method of coding with Gains!

??? Still error…

What does it say?

Unexpected IF:if

Screenshot it for me.

Get rid of the word choice on line 907.

Unexpected parameters: GEMS