Help me! I have a writers block


Hey guys. As you read above I have a dumb writers block. I have the whole plot of my story planned, but I just can’t think of what to do this episode. I know the big points of what I want to happen, but I don’t know how to lead it there and make my episode 1000+ lines. My story is called Girl of Deception and it has 11 episodes. It takes place a long long time ago so, the people speak differently. Right now the main character is traveling around the continent with two other girls and two princes. If you have any possible ideas message me and I will go into further detail about the plot. Thank you.

Writer's block, help!

Have you tried watching films and/or trailers for films with a similar plot to your story? Or listening to mood-setting music because that always gives me inspiration for scenes :star:


I’ll try that! Thank you for your advice :heart:


I have a tip for it ! :blush:
I rly hope it helps!

what @IDONTKNOWREAL said will help a lot!
And if not only search for a few books if u like to read or even for some pictures!

Here is my personal tip:

One thing I do when I’m like that is rereading the 1st episode of the story because it gives us back the feelings and the ideas we had back then and also inspires us to continue

I hope my tip helps you :sparkling_heart:


Thank you :heart: I’ll do that!


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I’m having the same problem, I have the plot planned but have trouble writing what I want to happen in certain chapters, I’m currently writing 8 about half way through so far, I can get so far then I can’t, and lack of motivation.


Yeah, it happens often. I usually listen to music to motivate me.


Happening to me right now too. I normally watch tv shows / movies / read books / watch music videos that are similar to the plotline I have in my head and it gives me ideas on how to move forward. :slight_smile: