Help me (I know that this is a topic but I honestly don't know what's called)

Okay so I just started writing on my story, but there is a problem. I want one of my character to fall from a desk/bar. Like she was dancing on top of the bar where people usally server their drinks, and then she was suppose to fall down, buuuuuuutttt (im getting tired if this but but now) when I tasted down he coding it didn’t work. She walked to the spot then she fell, but I want her fall from a spot to another one fast without any interruptions. yk. (im srry from my grammar, English isn’t my first Language. Hopefully someone understood my English). Thanks:)

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@CHARACTER spot 123 456 78 in zone (1,2,3) AND CHARACTER is run_fall

Assuming this is for INK though.

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Yes, it is, but I tried that. So at first she is standing on a spot and dancing. I got that one right, then she slips and falls down from the bar to the floor. And that doesn’t work:(

It can’t say walks to spot though. Just spot.

@CHARACTER walks to spot in S and CHARACTER faces left/right and CHARACTER does it while animation

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That worked!!! Thank you so much:))))))

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