HELP ME! I need a story name


Plz help me.
Ya girl is confused and at her wits end.
Can’t find a name for my story.
It’s about a world where 5 powers exist and it’s the power holders attend an academy.
It’s like a Harry Potter but not really? It’s not all wizardry and stuff.
I just want a title with words that correlate with powers maybe the academy.
It’s dark themed and serious.
I feel like a wounded animal.


academy power
Secret powers
Learning powers

Idk… lol just some thoughts


Power of five
since there is 5 different powers I thought that might be a good name


I don’t want it to be cliche. I’m like dying


okay, how about “Magic Academy”


5 Power Academy
Academy to the 5th Power


The Power We Share
Power Inside and Out
It’s in Our Heads and Bodies
(IDK I’m really bored. Just thinking of the first things that come to mind. Hope this helped.)


Power In between us


you are really good at coming up with story names!!
i wish I was that creative


or maybe “To the other side”??


Thank you! I honestly just piece things together with random things in my head :joy: .


The 5 Holders
The Powerful 5
Fantastic 5
The Fantastic 5



^^pretty good


The Hall of the [insert magic user term]
i.e. The Hall of the Magicians (but that’s really cliche)

The Hall of the Forgotten Ones
if it’s ancient power?

Hope this helped in one way or another :confused:


Power 5 Academy
The Five League
Academy of 5 powers

Idk ,Im here just making up foolishness


Anicent 5

I know it’s cliche, but I’m trynna help xD


Competence academia
Seminary Capability

@ZADDY how are they?


Those are good!
I already found a name a while back though, I’ll have one of the mods close this thread.
Thank you for your suggestion though! :heart:



Can you close this thread?
I got what I needed :blush: