Help me im looking for my favourite story!

hey guys can u help me find this romantic story is a mafia and all i remember was the mc name’s (mc) alucard/panther (nickname) and all i remember from the girl was beasty that’s all i remember guys hope it can help u find the story!

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One this in the wrong category and it could be one that has been removed. But if not then idk since I don’t like those stories. I do remember the names and authors related to that author but idk the name of the author. Did you remove it from favourites or was it just not there one day because if is the second one then it was probably removed.

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umm i change my phone because it doesnt charge. but i also think that it has been removed because it should be in the top community romance because that’s where i found it is just not right! like somethings wrong. its like it disappeared.

I am also looking for this story i was reading it but i switched accounts all i remember is that the mc is muriel agustia (something like that) and that the love interest was vlad valentino. I think the story was removed though :frowning:

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Oh the story’s name was “The devil in disguise” (I didn’t read it) and it got removed from episode, that’s why you’re not able to find it, and you cannot read it anymore for the same reason…:upside_down_face:
The author has changed her insta handle and is working on a new story atm. (I do not know much as I do not follow that account and she has not been much active lately :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:)

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thank u so much ur such a big help but do u remember the name of the author

Your most welcome and the author’s name was Sapphire (I think Sapphire wrote the story with another girl, I think her name was Tuntun but again I am not sure as I have not read her story)

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thank u so much

but i still couldnt find it

You will not be able to find it nor read that story anymore. It is removed from the app.

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This story was removed for guideline violations you won’t find it in the app. If the author republishes it, they’ll get banned so it’s not gonna come back

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