Help Me Improve A Wedding Scene

I’ve wanted this edited for a while. It’d be great if someone wanted to help. Here’s the info if you do -

Original Scene:
music music_dreamwalk
@ELI changes hair into Long Down Wavy Princess Braid
@ELI changes mouthColor into Pink Deep Gloss
@cut to zone 2
@PEACE moves to layer 0
@PEACE spot 0.542 159 366 AND PEACE faces right
@ELI enters from right to screen center in 4 AND ELI faces left AND JAY enters from right to upscreen right in 5 AND JAY faces left THEN JAY is rear AND ELI is rear
@ELI walks to spot 0.551 207 353 in 5 AND ELI is walk_neutral_rear AND JAY walks to spot 0.551 253 356 in 5 AND JAY faces right AND JAY is walk_neutral_rear THEN JAY faces left
@ELI spot 0.551 207 353 in zone 2 at layer 0 AND ELI faces left AND ELI is idle_happy_loop
@ANNA enters from right to screen center in 4 AND ANNA faces left AND DAD enters from right to upscreen right in 5 AND DAD faces left THEN DAD is rear AND ANNA is rear
@ANNA walks to spot 0.560 106 342 in 5 AND ANNA is walk_neutral_rear AND DAD walks to spot 0.569 44 332 in 6 AND DAD faces left AND DAD is walk_neutral_rear THEN DAD faces right
@ANNA spot 0.560 106 342 AND ANNA faces right AND ANNA is flirt_shy
@zoom on 473 363 to 184% in 5
@ELI is blush_shy AND ANNA is blush_shy
music off
PEACE (talk_smile_happy_loop)
We all gathered here today to join Eli Abe and Anna Wright in holy metronome.
Do you two have your own vows?
&PEACE is idle_happy_loop
ANNA (talk_agree_happy)
We do.
&ELI is idle_happy_loop
ANNA (talk_agree_happy)
I’ll go first.
PEACE (talk_neutral)
Very well.
ANNA (talk_smile_happy_loop)
We may not have been together for too long. But I can honestly say, you’re may soulmate.
You have my heart.
And if I’m being honest, all the heartache I’ve experienced in my life is worth it. Because it led me to you.
I know you’re always going to protect me.
You will love me in sad and happy times.
And will support me through anything. No matter how important. I love you Eli. From the bottom of my heart.
&ANNA is flirt_shy
@ELI is cry_sniff_sad_loop
@pause for 3
ELI (talk_smile_happy_loop)
On this day…
I give you my heart.
I promise that I will walk with you hand-in-hand.
Wherever our journey leads us.
Living, learning, loving, together forever.
&ELI is flirt_coy
PEACE (talk_agree_happy)
Do you Eli Abe, take Anna Wright to be your lawfully wedded wife?
ELI (talk_flirt_coy)
I do.
PEACE (talk_agree_happy)
And do you Anna Wright, take Eli Abe to be your lawfully wedded wife?
ANNA (talk_excited_happy)
I do!
PEACE (talk_smile_happy_loop)
I now pronounce you wife and wife.
You may kiss.
&PEACE is idle_happy_loop
@ANNA moves to layer 0
@ELI moves to layer 1
@ELI walks to spot 0.542 143 355 in zone 2 in 3
@ELI faces right AND ELI is kiss_makeout_start_rear AND ANNA is kiss_makeout_start
@ELI faces right AND ELI is kiss_makeout_loop_rear AND ANNA is kiss_makeout_loop
@pause for .5
&zoom on 436 378 to 597% in 15
@transition fade out 3
@pause for 10
@speechbubble is 172 158 to 100%
At the moment our lips touched…
It felt as if I was floating on air.
I’m married to the love of my life.
&ANNA is kiss_makeout_stop AND ELI is kiss_makeout_stop_rear
@transition fade out black
@zoom reset
@speechbubble reset

Thing I need added:

  • The bridesmaids and flower girl walking down the isle (Names: Ella, Jamie & Lila)
  • Eli and Anna having the non-ringed wedding dresses switched to ones with them after saying their vows
  • Anna and Eli being the same height while standing at the alter
  • A way to make it look like Anna and Eli are carrying bouquets (Optional)
  • The Bouquet Toss (Optional)

Also, I have a new background I want as the location:

Again, if anyone’s kind enough to help, I’d be extremely grateful!



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I know this isn’t what you asked for but I thought you should know that says metronome, I’m assuming you meant matrimony? Unless these people are musicians and the officiant was making a pun.


No, they’re not. But my spell check didn’t have the right spelling

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I figured, “holy metronomey” would be a good line for a priest who thinks he’s funny though, or one of those officiants who dresses up like Elvis. If you ever write a story where the couple elopes in Vegas you’ve got a decent corny joke.


@Yuke, @Cheris, @SkyM, @Skyler2 , @lanafrazer_episode & @josiej8

Can any of you help???

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what do you need help on? dialogue? directing?

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send your story link so I can preview what you have so far on your directing code.

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It’s just this scene I need help on. The story is published with 38 episodes

I know, I want to see how you have the scene, or unless there is a wedding template you can use from that have the bridesmaids n grooms walking down the aisle, but in a different background, so I don’t know how its going to look. I will still check the whole story regardless of the episodes being long, so idk what else I can do.

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Hang on, ,create a new story then have that same background with random characters with your cast names, then send me thing link. You don’t have to make there outfits and whatever else.

So, create a new story, use random characters, then copy and paste that same code to it, I will preview it, instead of reading all the episode. I just thought of that,

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Okay @lanafrazer_episode

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Btw. It;s an LGBT wedding (The couple getting married are both females)

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