Help me make a song!

Hey guys!
I’m in need of a song that the MC will sing within the first couple of minutes into the story.
She is like a Cinderella character if that helps.
We just can’t be using Disney songs and such in our stories due to copy right.

I would gladly credit y’all and add your character in as a cameo if you wish!

Looking forward to working with each and every one of you that helps me out! (If needed, tags are greatly appreciated!)


what do u want the song to be about?or is it just random

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It’s more so just a song that you might think a Disney Princess would sing lol (for obvious reasons it cannot be an actual Disney song)

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oh ok how about this its trash but an idea

In a Castal far away,where the fairies would come and play~and all the prices await when the sun gose down and the moon rises there’s a ball

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Ooooh I’m liking it!!

This really plays with the idea behind the song: it’s one her mother used to sing to her when she was growing up!!

If anyone wishes to help it’d be amazing, since I have no artistic musical bone in my body haha

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glad u like it

When you look up to the sky, you see wonders flying high. And one day you will soar, just wait a little more. They can’t deny your right, just keep on waiting tight. When life won’t go your way, and no one seems to stay. Just keep looking right past, because my love for you will last.

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Awww this is so sweet!

I love it!

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@Eri_wrights and @Ashtyn1Raine how should I credit?

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My insta is @epi__raine you can credit me with if you like (:

Thank you (:

no need

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