Help Me Make A Special Art Scene


Hi! Anyone out there skilled in the art of special art scene making, could you please help me out?? Thanks!!!

Type: Limelight

Skin Tone: Fair Neutral
Eyes: Deepset Downturned
Eye Color: Green Emerald
Hair: Long Feathered
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Nose: Round Broad
Face Shape: Diamond
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty
Lipstick Color: Red Deep Matte
Eyebrows: Arched Thick Styled
Eyebrow Color: Dark Brown
Outfit: Water Proof Black Pants Leather Grey Black, Bralette Halter Sides Lace Detailing Silk Red Cherry, Cut Out Chelsea Boots Leather Black

Skin Tone: Fair Neutral
Eyes: Deepset Downturned
Eye Color: Green Emerald
Hair: Slicked Back Solid
Hair Color: Deep Brown
Nose: Straight Narrow
Face Shape: Male Generic
Mouth: Medium Heart
Lip Color: Fair Gold Matte
Eyebrows: Straight Medium
Eyebrow Color: Deep Brown
Outfit: Business Slacks Formal Grey Black, Oxford Cap Toe Leather Black, Waiter Cotton White Shirt, Collard School Jacket Button Up Cotton Neutral Grey Dk

Cover Size: 1 Panel
Character Length: Full
Victoria stands upscreen right and faces left
Maxon stands back left and faces right
They are seeing each other for the first time and sort of have this wow moment, but they still should look shy


give me 1 hour




she did


Thanks for telling me


@XMysteryX your request is decliend I will make sure to tell everyone


Oh, no I requested something a bit different on yours because I have 3 different outfits that I would like an art scene on, sorry if it seemed like I was asking for the same thing other places. I didn’t want to ask you for multiple art scenes so I put one of them here and one on yours and one on another. I would love if you’re still able to do my edit, but if not, that’s okay. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I didn’t mean to make it seem this way.




Okay I will make it


Sorry if it seemed that way, but the outfits are actually different. At the beginning of the episode, readers have 3 outfit options, and I didn’t want to give @epy.blair multiple scenes to do cuz that’s too much to ask… I apologize for the misunderstanding.


it okay


I don’t really care but other people do


Thank you so much and I am so so sorry for the misunderstanding I understand how it would be frustrating for someone to put the same request on many places.


Thank you!


would you like to do it


Don’t sweat on it I can handle it, honey. I’m not that busy since it’s summer here :sweat_smile: I just have many requests to get done. If you can wait that won’t be a problem I can do it.
~blair :heartpulse:


if you want you can do it


Nevermind gurl :blush: It’s up to her I don’t mind tho


I’m happy with anyone doing it, I have two between @epy.blair’s post and here (different outfits), so each of you could do one, @Dangrousdiva could do the one here and @epy.blair could do the one I put on her post but either way it’s fine and thanks so much for your help guys I really appreciate it! <3


Ofc not I will happy if @Dangrousdiva do it but I don’t mind sharing xoxo