Help me make conservative clothing!

I have a few muslim characters, but I don’t really know what to make them wear. do you know any clothing combinations that fit to their laws but still look good? I appreciate all answers :grin:

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I can help you! But what style are you writing in?

Its in INK btw :blush:

Which style? ex. Limelight or ink or classic


My mom is from Pakistan. THIS IS THE CLOSEST I CAN GET. SORRY!

Girls: Tan, Blue and white, or black and white striped headscarf. Hippie Skirt black. Black Peasant shirt

Boys: Sikh Dastar Head covering. Casual Kurta Bottoms. Fancy Achkan Pants

You can mix & match any dress just to cover up. N there’s a head scarf for girls. Just think if you have good fashion sense then you can create best dress for your characters.

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