Help me make covers for my story

Please help i need covers for my story
(I give out credits :slight_smile: so i let the readers know who did it BECAUSE I CANT ART)

I would love to help

Hi! I would gladly help you with that!

Thanks what would you like to know

I’ll show you some examples and if it’s not what you are looking for that is fine


I guess you could make me a cover what would you like to know

Do you need both cover?? We could each do one for you if you would like… just a thought

Here are some examples

Thats what im looking for

You do one cover i guess she does the other

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That sounds cool :blush:

One fine with that… which one would you like to do @Sophbee?

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Pretty. <3

Can I do small cover?

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That’s fine…

I work well with others… lol and I don’t mind doing either… most people ask me to make the more large ones… lol so I’m getting good at it

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Great! Send us the details :blush:

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Character details
Story title
Author name

And if you are unsure of what background could you send the story description and genre than I can find a good background to use

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Same goes to me

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