HELP ME! My previewer is "downloading data..." for three days already!

I can’t preview my story for three days! I tried everything. Changing the browser, cleaning cookies and cache… I tried previewing on the mobile portal and nothing. I can’t write. I need help. It says… “Downloading data…” and the window is grey.

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I’m no expert, but maybe I can help find the cause of the problem. Some things to consider:

  1. Is all of your code error-free?
  2. Could you be using too many overlays in one scene? (This has caused lag for me before)
  3. How many lines of code do you have?

@Dara.Amarie any ideas?

Um, @BelW, before these 3 days, were you able to preview your story?

Yes! But this is happening to me on all the story! On all the chapters (The published ones too). And I have about 900 lines in the last chapter… (Thanks for helping me :c)

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Yes. I have 12 chapters published :frowning: (thank you for helping me)

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Oh my god. I hope it’s not that. I’m going to try previewing on other computers. But on my cell phone I can’t either, so I’m divided :frowning: