Help me name my characters(vote)*OPEN FOR 6 MORE HOURS*

Please help name and design some of my characters.

The names for the love interest are Lucas(your welcome @sofia2 ) and Ace.
The Mc’s name is Summer.

Love interest 1 and 2 are top 2 votes

  • Ace
  • Liam
  • Austin
  • Jax
  • Lucas
  • Wyatt
  • Caleb
  • Dylan

0 voters

MC name

  • Maci
  • Anna
  • Summer
  • Kelly
  • Leah
  • Harper

0 voters


  • Blue
  • Sliver
  • Purple
  • Auburn

0 voters

Hair color

  • Chestnut
  • Black
  • Platinum blonde
  • Auburn

0 voters

If you have any suggestion please feel free to pm me or comment.

30 minutes till closing time

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Some have ties and I need a tie breaker.
@Teahwalker would you want to break the ties


Sure lol

Thanks I’ll have to ask @sofia2 too

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I’m hereeee

I’m gonna keep the name Ace it’s my favorite😁

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Aww but Lucas…

Lucas stays too😁 I’ll close just that poll

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Thank you too all who voted❤

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The hair color is too important so it’s open until tommorow morning or midnight for central time zone

Lol thanks!


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Sofia @bossyroxy411 said she leaving forums forever😭

Really when?

Oh, well…

Can we take this to a PM we are probably gonna end up getting flagged…

Ok even though it’s my topic i created😂 makes no sense were humans of course we get off topic

On the family chat?