Help me on making a great story description

Can someone help me?
I’ll give you a credit, here’s the summary of my story


The girl is the richest girl in town, her family owned THAT school. One day The boy got a scholarship to study in that school, they hate each other at first. But eventually maybe they can fall in Love at the end ?

My current one

You’re rich and spoiled baby girl, he’s poor and independent boy. He hates you because who you are, you hate him because who he is, can hating each other turns out loving each other?

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Do you want like another description then this?

Yes, I don’t think it’s good enough

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I’m not so good at this but maybe just some small changes like…

“You’re a rich and spoiled girl, he’s a poor and independent boy. You hate each other because of your differences, but will your differences bring you together or further away?”

Like I said this isn’t my strongest side :sweat_smile:


It’s way better than mine thankssss :two_hearts:
Your username please I’ll give you a credit

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My username on episode or on instagram? :relaxed:

Your Instagram please :slight_smile:

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the_graceful_crow :relaxed:

@apriliazeva I just wanted to show you what I have for you…


You’re a rich, spoiled baby girl, he’s a poor, independent boy. He hates you because of who you are, you hate him because of who he is, can hating one another turn out to be loving one another?

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