Help me on suggestion a topic for my new story. (3rd series of game master)

Sorry about my grammar. IDK how to make it sound good. But I hope you understand.
Idk how to explain but I hope this will help to understand what I mean.

If you read The First series of Game Master. King; A world before darkness (Aw contest) and 2nd series Game of

Underworld (clue contest)

I would like to ask for help to make a good topic. Like the contest.

Eg- K&T; Contest (Fobedden Kiss)

When you’re caught kissing someone you shouldn’t be, anything can happen. What could unfold because of one little kiss? The start of a new relationship? The end of an old one? The end of the world?

Aw contest (primary focus of your story should be Earth, our planet, but with one crucial difference from the world we know today. )

What if we lived in Another World? What if just one thing were different from the world we know and live in today? What if sickness wiped half the world’s population? What if we never invented cars? What if women had always been in power? What if men were the ones to get pregnant?

Clue contest (The primary focus of your story should be your main character solving a mystery based on a clue they find. )

It all starts with a clue. With this one piece of evidence, your MC finds themselves trying to solve a mystery…

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Are the three series continuations? If so, could you explain the plot of the first two?


The series continues. The story continues because of the same character which is ‘The Game Master’ Is his story. The first one is about his past before he becomes Game Master. (He is a thief and has first loved and died. The second one he creates a game in Underworld. These two books have different MC and love interest. And genre also.

First story genre: Fantasy and adventure
Second story genre : Fantasy, adventure, mystery, horror.

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