Help me out ! glitch?

Hello pals !!! I have a huge problem. :persevere:

I’m now writing my 5th chapter AND everything is good as usual, the only error Episode told me about is my overlay which is not approved yet by the modos.
NONETHELESS, I can’t preview my story. :unamused:

Here’s a screenshot of what’s happening whenever I click on “PREVIEW”.
Could someone help me with that?

episode updated this we can’t preview or stories unless there are no errors. this mean we have to wait until the backgrounds/overlays are approved

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Its happening to all of us…


there’s so many thread that says the same thing
(let me try mine)


that means our overlay or backgrounds needs to be approved first ?!

wtf? They take 5 days to approve our stuff.

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episode changes thing that work perfectly if they want to change something on episode maybe they should update LL clothing or get the tappable overlays out of the beta form or something !

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sometimes for me even more and thats why I’m so pissed of right now

i just tried my script and entered some random words and it has to be error-free to get previewed

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yeah I know and that’s the poit if you’re background isn’t approved yet it will give you and error and then you can’t work with that background same goes for overlays

wow :cry:

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Moved this to Writer’s Portal Report a Bug. :wink: I’ve got a post here with links for submitting a ticket and a workaround for the moment that should help with previewing while the team fixes this. Episode...WHY?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

Closing this since I’m trying to reroute all the discussion of this issue to the topic linked above. :grin: