Help me out guys

i have autism and it affects me a lot. sometimes I say the wrong thing and everyone hates me, I’m trying to explain that autism hinders my social skills, and ways to articulate,. I don’t want to seem like i’m blaming the shitty stuff I say on my autism, even though it plays a big part in it. How do I make it clear autism affects my social skills but not seem like i’m using It as a excuse?


You can’t clear autism… but it goes away over time.

wrong thing to say dude. autism dosent go away. you bascily said something as stupid as saying been gay goes away.


Excuse me? I have autism too, so don’t call me stupid. I did research, and your symptoms get less severe over time. That’s what I meant. Quit being a bitch.

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I am autistic too.

sometimes I remind people that I have autism and that is the reason I am like this. and they tell me it’s no excuse. I know I am just trying to remind you why I am like that.


Oh, ok… I’m sorry for lashing out like that. I feel very depressed right now.

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no problem do that to sometimes

Thank you :heart:

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Tell them that having autism is like putting on a new pair of glasses. You see the world a different way, and sometimes that can be food as it means you have good attention to detail etc. But sometimes, the world can be more overwhelming and everything is intensified. That you can’t read emotions as clearly as maybe they can, so social situations can be tricky. I hope this helps.

Also no-one take offence to this please, this is based off of my experience of Autism.

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