Help Me: Part One

Hi! Name’s Dasha.

I feel stupid for saying this, but I will.

How do you change your speech bubble color? And how do you write in italics, bold, etc. on Episode?

Lmao, plz tell me below, thank you! :joy:

  • Dasha

You can change the color of the speech bubbles by choosing a color in the “Speech Bubbles” section in the writing portal. It’s next to Characters and Outfits. You can also change the text color by adding |color:red|, or whichever color you’d like, before any speech bubble text like this:

|color:red|What's up?

The same thing works for bold/italic/underline:

|bold|What's up?
|italic|What's up?
|underline| What's up?

You have to put the | code before every speech bubble text where you’d like to utilize it.

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Oh my gosh, thanks so much, you were a big help! :smile:

To add colours, you would do something like |bold, shake, color:pink| and if you only want it to be added to a certain amount of words, you would do something like:
HEATHER (talk_agree_happy)
I |italic, color:blue| can |bold, color:blue| NOT |reset| wait for summer break to start!

I know I’m a little late to reply, and this isn’t exactly but you asked, but I hope this may help a little!

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Thank you anyway! :slight_smile: